Katrin Grunwald about herself: »I am almost 70 (39 by now), got into the intensive care business on detours and never made it out of a northern German small town. Along the way, I do read everything I get my hands on, love every kind of music and try to do sports regularly, but progressively part from the illusion to get a six-pack. I personally think that is a pity. Then again, I am not very disciplined. I am not very patient either, can't stand smartasses and basically am ungifted in technical matters. In return, I am a swell cook, a good white liar and fan of St. Pauli.«
Note from the agency: Katrin Grunwald was born in 1969 in Bremen and works as a specialty nurse for anesthesia and intensive care in a intensive care unit in Northern Germany.


Schwester! Vom Leben mit der Intensivstation