Hannes Klug was born 1966 in Esslingen. After his education at the Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich, he studied comparative literature and North American studies at Frei Universität Berlin. For the Süddeutsche Zeitung, taz and Berliner Zeitung, he wrote about movies, literature and music; as an editor, he wrote about the USA and Canada, and as scriptwriter he created multimedia adventures and wrote several movie screenplays. His movie Ricky – Normal war gestern had its premiere in the cinemas in 2014. In 2015 Rowohlt published his novel Ich, Xi Lao Peng und die Sache mit meinem Bruder. Hannes Klug lives as freelance screenplay writer and author in Düsseldorf.


Viktor und der Wolf s

Ich Xi Lao Peng und die Sache mit meinem Bruder s


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