Catarina Katzer, born in 1973, studied Economics, Sociology and Social psychology at the University of Cologne. While being a scientific assistant at the Institute for Economic and Social Psychology, she was the first at her chair to deal with the subject »The internet as a new market of boundless possibilities« and analysed the world wide web in the light of social psychology. Cyber psychology and Ethics of the Media became her special fields.

Meanwhile, Catarina Katzer works as an expert and consultant for companies and public agencies in Germany and abroad as well as for governmental institutions such as, for instance, child protection centers Germany, the Enquete commission »Internet & digital society« at the German Bundestag, the comittee at the council of Europe »Culture, Science, Education & Media« at Strassburg, the federal ministry for family, seniors. woman and youth in Berlin, the ministry for education in NRW and the National Council in Switzerland. Furthermore, she works on the Management Committees of the research networks COST Action »Cyberbullying« and COST Action »Cyberparks« for Germany within the EU government. And finally she works closely in research and teaching with the institutes of different universities, such as the University of Göteborg, the University of Tel Aviv, and the University of Dublin.


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