Peter Wappler, better known as »Milliarden Mike« (en.: »Billion Mike«), is everything he wants to be. Or rather everything others want to see in him: a boxer and an exchange broker, a surplus item dealer, owner of a model agency and wearer of a diamonded Rolex watch, the guy who knows Ben Becker, the Klitschkos and Dariusz Michalczewski; and he is the one who spent 18 years of his life in jail in the penal institution Fuhlsbüttel for fraud and forgery, because, among other things, he sold non-existing diamonds for several millions of Euros.

Peter Wappler is a first class hoodlum, but by his own admission one with a heart. For his luck always depended on the greed of the rich, since he never would have stolen the small pension out of the purse of an older lady.


Milliarden Mike


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