Murat Kurnaz, born and raised in 1982 in Bremen as the son of Turkish immigrants, completed an apprenticeship as shipbuilder. From February 2002 to August 2006 he was detained in the US Guantanamo military camp.
He now lives and works again in Bremen.


Fünf Jahre meines Lebens


Hannes Klug was born 1966 in Esslingen. After his education at the Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich, he studied comparative literature and North American studies at Frei Universität Berlin. For the Süddeutsche Zeitung, taz and Berliner Zeitung, he wrote about movies, literature and music; as an editor, he wrote about the USA and Canada, and as scriptwriter he created multimedia adventures and wrote several movie screenplays. His movie Ricky – Normal war gestern had its premiere in the cinemas in 2014. In 2015 Rowohlt published his novel Ich, Xi Lao Peng und die Sache mit meinem Bruder. Hannes Klug lives as freelance screenplay writer and author in Düsseldorf.


Viktor und der Wolf s

Ich Xi Lao Peng und die Sache mit meinem Bruder s


Helmut Kuhn was born in Munich in 1962 and lives in Berlin. He studied history and journalism at Freie Universität Berlin and Sorbonne in Paris. He worked as reporter, editor and freelance author in New York and Berlin, collaborating with Aufbau, mare, stern, Focus, DIE ZEIT, NZZ and Jüdische Allgemeine.
Besides his various volumes with narratives, novels and specialized books, he has co-authored the book of Murat Kurnaz Fünf Jahre meines Lebens. Helmut Kuhn won the Hansel-Mieth-Reportagepreis, obtained the scholarship for literary studies Kunstraum Syltquelle and participated in the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Wettbewerb.



Kein Döner Land



Arm, Reich- und dazwischen nichts?

Murat Kurnaz. Fünf Jahre meines Lebens

Regen im 5/4 Takt



Margit Knapp was born in 1960 in Schwaz, Tyrol, and studied German, French and theater arts in Innsbruck and Vienna. She obtained her PhD with a dissertation on Italo Svevo and currently lives in Berlin. From 1995 till 2007, she worked as an editor for Klaus Wagenbach Verlag. From 2008 on she is working as an editor for Rowohlt Verlag. Additonaly she works as film author and journalist.


Die Überwindung der Langsamkeit

Höllisch scharf und himmlisch süß

Krieg und Fritten

Sind Sie die Tochter Speer?


Kilian Kleinschmidt, a Berliner born in Essen, looks back onto a moved life: Born in 1962, he grew up in Berlin as a son of two teachers and decided to travel after his high school graduation in 1980. But the planned trip to South America ends after only a couple of days in the French Pyrenees where he first produced goat cheese for seven years and later worked as a slater for traditional slated roofs, despite his fear of heights. After separating from his former partner with whom he has a daughter, he drove through the Sahara to Mali on a motorcycle in 1988 and by chance discovers development aid as a new passion.

In the last twenty years he supported, among others, the organization of a camp for the so-called »Lost Boys of Sudan«, was in Mogadishu as a representative for the UNO during the military operation in 1993, in which 18 Americans were killed and which wrote history as the Black Hawk Down-Incident; spent two years as a contact man for the rebels of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, and coordinated one of the biggest humanitarian airlifts for Ruanda.
Meanwhile, he was in the Kosovo, in Kenya, and in Uganda, before he went to Jordan as Senior Field Coordinator for the UNHCR, where he has been running the second biggest refugee camp in the world, Zaatari, at the Syrian border ever since.


Weil es um Menschen geht Cover Buch s color



Matthias Karow was born in 1978 and studied audio engineering, creative writing and cultural jounalism in Hamburg, Munich and Hildesheim. He was co-editor of the literary magazine BELLA triste and member of the artistic management team of the literature festival PROSANOVA in 2005. Karow plays the guitar for the indie rockband Clara Motors. He writes and directs radio plays.


Rodaks Koeter-s




Charlotte Krüger, born in 1979, studied philosophy and political science in Hamburg. Subsequently, she worked at the TV station Lettra in the editorial staff of the talk show Friedmans Agenda. From 2009 to 2010, she was a member of the development staff of the magazine WOCHE. Since 2008, she works in the editorial staff of Stefan Aust's TV production company Agenda Media.


Ich mag mich irren s color

Mein Grossvater der Fälscher s


Sven Kuntze, born in 1942, studied sociology, psychology and history. In the 1990s he lived in New York City, USA, where he worked as a correspondent for ARD. Later Sven Kuntze presented the ARD-Morgenmagazin. Last he worked for ARD-Hauptstadtstudio in Berlin and retired in spring 2007. For his recent TV-report Alt sein auf Probe (eng.: Old on probation) the author was honoured with the Deutscher Fernsehpreis in 2008. The author lives in Berlin.


Einigt Euch!


Altern wie ein Gentleman-s

New York City

Kuntze Die schamlose Generation s



Magdalena Kopp, born in 1948 in Ulm, was a professional photographer.
In the 1970s she joined the Revolutionäre Zellen (en.: revolutionary cells), shortly after that met Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, alias Carlos, the most wanted terrorist of the time, and became his companion, spending many years with him underground. After completing a long prison sentence in France and after her separation from Carlos, she came back to live in Germany. She had two daughters. Magdalena Kopp died in Frankfurt in 2015 at the age of 67.




Edith Löhle is a German journalist and author. After working for more than ten years mainly for lifestyle magazines, most recently as editor-in-chief of the German Nylon and Blonde, she is now driven by stories that point out social injustices. In doing so, her creative outlets are diverse: in addition to an audio book (the feminist essay Die Rechtschaffen(d)en (the right doers), she wrote the documentary Programmierte Ungerechtigkeit (encoded injustice) for the German public channel ZDF, and was nominated for the German Television Award in 2022. She is also the founder of the granny platform, which advocates for the exchange of two generations of women. Her debut novel is scheduled to be published by Leykam Verlag in March 2024.




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